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Hahaha, awesome

Keep it up man, you're really putting in the work with all those submission and they keep getting better and better. Glad you used my music! I'll be looking for your stuff in the future!


Keep going, you're on the right track but keep up the practice!!
Smooth out the animation, add sound fx, more content, you'll be well on your way to a substantial madness style animation! :D

Also, thanks for using my music in your flash!!!

killamasta03 responds:

Thanks for the review, I feel very honored to have you review my 3 yr old animation. :D I had taken a break from madness 'cuz of what ppl had said about my animation, but when I saw your review I began to practice and try a lot harder, Thank you for inspiring me! :D My newest animations are submitted on a account that was recently hacked, (sadly) Dragonslya. Anyway thank you! :D

Alright here's my take

I'm a big fan of Firth work, and I've followed everything you've done from the beginning. Enjoyed most, some was alright, wasn't too creeped out or impressed by this one, but I feel that might just be a personal numbness to this kind of genre.

Anyways, I noticed many feel this is the man paying homage to the dog for it's sacrifice. And I thought about it for about 5 minutes and though "no not really".

Here's how I interpret it. The abomination at the end (dog body human head and limbs) IS THE DOG. Not at all the human the dog had been leading around during the film.

Here's the reasoning, Dog was smarter than tha man no doubt, but the human had control of the dog and used it for it's own gain, it never did anything for the dog and for the dog to give itself like it did could be seen as meaningful buuutttt thats when you notice that now the abomination can speak and comes from where the dog showed up (little hole in the floor) etc etc, just like the dog, the man couldn't speak and seemed basically inferior to the dog.

You'll notice the dog licking (symbol of animal affection) the tumor as it grows and then in the end it's not thanking the man or paying homage to the dog for giving it's body, it's actually the DOG thanking the TUMOR for making the man donate it's limbs and natural human ability to speak.

Anyways, to make it short, dog played the human, got him to infest himself then conned the man into giving him his superior limbs and head for the dogs greater gain and the dog in the end was loving and thanking of the tumor for allowing for this gain.

That's my opinion. :D

Let me know Mr. Firth

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Hahaha awesome

LOL! I love this game! Thank you for using my music for this it's adorable!
Those security cameras are real pains in the ass!! Keep up the good work and I'll be looking out for your next submissions!

Well damn...

I never knew there were just so many bio-geniuses on new grounds. We get the idea guys, this is all pre-school stuff to you. So on that note, where is my cure for cancer already?

Needs improvement.

once enemies get up to you there's nothing you can do but die. Arrows should also count as hitting when connecting with an enemies legs and such. Have at it.

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Nah bad at all

Yeah, I rarely go to the audio portal, let alone write a review on it, but I saw you post and answered your call! haha. So yeah, it's good, not my usual music genre but it certainly was put togeather well. I could see it being put to use as some sort of background to a sci-fi game or something. The only thing I would add would be a nice strong punch somewhere in there to get the hair up on your neck, you know? But that's just my own preference :). Keep it up. Oh, and if you ever get the chance why don't you slide on down and review my most recent flash submission if you feel like returning the favor :). Good luck!

BinaryGuy responds:

Sounds like a good preference, but i didn't feel this song fit that style.
thanks for the review!


You can feel it deep in your chest when you listen to it. Excelent work. That's all I really have to say. Keep it up.

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Your use of tones and textures make for a real visual treat. Beautiful work.

Great Piece

The color and high contrast really makes this an eye catching piece I really love the style. The only thing you may want to work on is the white eye alignment they're a bit too far apart and not horizontally parallel with other features such as the eyebrows and cheek bones. This kind of gives him a slightly (unintentionally) dim witted appearance. Make a line on a separate layer which is parallel with the eyebrows and place them on that line with the centers of the eyes aligned vertically with the corners of the mouth. It should make for a stronger piece but check it first for yourself on a separate layer so you can see if you like it :).

Keep up the good work!

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